EPIC Youth

Nurturing creative minds and nourishing young souls.

Hi, I’m Sunny Sky and love working with children. I’ve gained a wealth of experience working with children over the years starting as a children’s entertainer and kids TV presenter. Evolving over my adult years, diving deeper into child psychology, training as a Mindfulness PBS Coach, (aligned with Mental Health Foundation), Compassionate Communications Coach, Youth Counsellor, Creative Arts & Performance Teacher, Brain Gym Facilitator, Rainbow Yoga Teacher, and Creative Art Therapist(IAT).

Providing unique support for youth! 

Offering emotional support for children going through life changes, sensitive kids, anxiety, trauma, social behavioural and neurodiversity (awesomism).

Previous Youth Work:

Sunny’s work ranges from teaching Brain Gym with toddlers, facilitating wellbeing programmes in school, mindful movement for primary schools, creative art classes for group therapy, empowerment workshops for new entrants, confident workshops for tweens , tailor-made sensory creative classes for Neuro Diverse, team building for high schoolers, and mentoring teens.

Epic Kids and Youth Mentoring

The key principals of my approach are based on a combination of holistic and science-based practices:

  • Supporting emotional expression and release through compassionate conversational style coaching and Active listening.
  • Research findings from attachment science, Neuro-linguistics, and Child Psychology
  • Providing a safe environment for children to feel and express emotions
  • Attunement, intuitively tuning into the child’s world, reading the child’s non-verbal communication (body language and energy) to help resolve any out of balance behaviour
  • Theta healing and Kinesiology (muscle testing) helps restore limiting belief patterns
  • Integrative Art Therapy (IAT) is an effective, non-invasive creative therapy using crafts and Colourful Mindful ArtPlay to help youth express deep feelings
  • Vibrational Healing integrating colour and sound for relaxation using crystal bowls, Tao Toshi chimes, and meditation music assists with conscious awareness, and empowerment
  • Mindful Movement – Yoga, dance flow and SSR somatic stress release techniques help embody conscious shifts
  • Providing support, strategies and self-healing for parents – click here for more details
  • Intergrating natural therapies – see Epic Health

Offering a safe, inspiring, nurturing space to feel more connected!

Creative Therapy / Interactive Art Therapy (IAT)


VisualArt is a form of communication’ the inner voice. The more kids get the opportunity for self-awareness through creativity and expression ‘ the more empowered and heart-centred they feel. Offering FUNky and holistic sessions gives youth the opportunity to feel expansive, explorative, and be able to create with JOY, ease, confidence and pride.
Individual and Group Workshops available.


Createive classes after School, and Holiday Programmes for Kids

After school 4-week programmes focussing on
Strengthening Connection, Confidence & Communication through Creative Exploration

COST: $160 total ($40 per session /per child) – small group focus
Includes : Class preparation Facilitation   |   Mentoring   |   Mindful wellbeing tips   |   Art supplies   |   Creative journal   |   Peaceful Parenting Resource Guide   |    Refreshments   |   Room hire   |   Lots of love

EPIC: Emotional & Physical Intergrative Connection – bringing neuroscience, mind-body awareness, social and emotional learning (SEL) together!


  • RESPECTFUL RELATIONSHIPS – learn conflict resolution skills, learn to foster positive relationships, creating a better sense of unity.
  • DEVELOP EMPATHY & COMPASSION connecting with others through compassionate (assertive) communication, emotional literacy, and self-control.
  • CONFIDENCE & EMPOWERMENT, building resilience and cultivating self-awareness with self-regulation techniques and journal reflection. Sunny’s Heart-to-Heart teaching approach helps to uplift spirits, helping boost self-esteem and confidence, improving relationships.
  • EMBODYING A DEEPER EMOTIONAL & PHYSICAL CONNECTION.  Learn Mind-body connection, integrating breathing, body awareness practices with youth yoga and mindful movement.
  • NURTURING & INSPIRING CREATIVITY cultivating motivation and inspiration through learning various art skills and mediums.
  • IMPROVE WELLBEING – Integrating wellbeing coaching tips through creative, fun, artful play. Children will feel valued, supported, and empowered.
  • POSITIVE SHIFT IN THE ENVIRONMENT – learning life skills in a fun creative way children feel more heart-centered, helping refresh their daily routine, creating a lighter more restorative feeling of energy having a positive impact in the schooling environment and homefront.



Helping kids thrive through Learning, Growth and Change. Providing effective tools for mental and physical wellbeing through fun mindful creative play. (Toddlers to Teens)


Supporting teachers in their wellbeing is paramount for effective childcare. With Epic Coaching, I’m able to holistically support teachers personally and professionally.


Providing professional development for TEACHERS – therapeutic play and wellbeing in the classroom. Facilitating tailor-made, age-appropriate EPIC classes, day programmes for STUDENTS integrating creative arts, drama, music, yoga, BrainGym and mindfulness.


Contact Sunny Sky for more information or to book your personal appointment.

Sunny is magical with kids, witnessing our girls growing in confidence. Thank you for your dedication, authenticity and infectious positive energy Sunny – your classes are truly “Epic”.

Sunnys IAT has helped our daughter who suffered from anxiety and low self-esteem. Every one on one session has been helpful psychologically and artistically. Sunny’s incredible coaching inspired our daughter to feel empowered, fuelling her curiosity and creativity too.

We are thrilled to see so much positive change. Sunny’s authenticity ‘ energy and colourful personality are unique and highly recommend her creative therapy approach.

The kids just love you Sunny, you’ve been a delight, a breath of fresh air. Your Creativity and mindful Yoga classes were magic.

The children loved your Epic programme, my son came back raving about his experiences and proud artwork, all of the kids in town are saying how brilliant you were, well done.