Would you LOVE to
parent or teach with more
patience or confidence?
Do you crave
a better connection
with your family?
Do you lose patience
with your child,
and then feel awful?
Does parenting
sometimes feel
Do you want your child
to feel secure, to listen
to their inner voice
and resist peer pressure?
Do you struggle
to be at peace yourself?
You're so not alone
and you've come to
the right place!

Epic parenting is the place to learn the skills and strategies you need to understand and meet your child’s core needs for emotional safety, connection, and love. Sessions have proven to strengthen connections and break down barriers resulting in more peaceful and harmonious relationships full of more love, laughter, and understanding.

I”m Sunny sky, a passionate Certified Peaceful Parenting Instructor and Natural Health Practitioner mentoring throughout South Island New Zealand with parents and teachers in schools and early learning centres.

I love helping clients to gain a better understanding of what the child needs in their mental and emotional growth and development teachings with equal focus on helping parents and teachers develop the self-awareness and emotional self-regulation skills needed for them to respond calmly and model the behaviours children are developing.

In supporting parents and teachers in their learning, growth, and change, I’m able to integrate Science-based & Holistic wellbeing tools for self-growth and self-healing.

Why invest in parent coaching/ family counseling? Parenting can be the toughest and most rewarding job in the world, having support for you and your Children’s emotional health is essential!

Youth Counselling – For more details see Epic Youth.


For support, strategies, and self-healing, book your personal appointment with Sunny Sky.

Online support available at

You’ll feel utterly supported and deeply inspired with the peaceful parent offerings.

Sunny’s holistic counseling has been the best medicine for our daughter.

“Sunny has somewhat untied a big knot of issues I was experiencing with my family. It is truly amazing how healthy communication is back in my home and the atmosphere is happy again!”

“Thank you Sunny for your compassionate practical guidance and outside-the-box approach. I absolutely loved the sound healing session at the end, it complimented our session beautifully.”

“Sunny is a rainbow in human form.”