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the revolutionary mind-body makeover

Sunny has a wealth of knowledge as a personal stylist and image consultant. She trained many moons ago with Harrods of London’s Barbara Jaques going on to travel Europe in this role. Sunny continues to expand her creativity as an enthusiastic seamstress and designer of sustainable garments (using ethically sourced fabrics). Sunny now combines these passions with her focus as a motivational coach combining colour therapy and energy medicine offering mind-body wellbeing consultations that will lift everyBody’s vibe!


Join Sunny on a sensational journey of self-discovery with transformational results where you’ll look and feel amazing!

What to expect  during your personalised Intuitive consultation:

  • EXPLORE your unique vibrancy through style, image and colour.
  • DISCOVER what can truly feel good and what can look good on you complimenting your bodyshape, skin tone, hair colour and personality with practical everyday style solutions.
  • Learn how to CONFIDENTLY express your authentic self and RADIATE your inner beauty.
  • Feel INSPIRED as you embody your true colours, witnessing the healing power of Colour Energy.
  • CONNECT with your intuition, leaving with more heart centred awareness.
  • Feel RECHARGED with effective wellbeing tips for your emotional toolbox.
  • REFRESH your sense of wellbeing by decluttering garments and clear old belief patterns (mindset).
  • Have greater INSIGHT into the psychological and somatic healing benefits of making wardrobe changes.
  • Feel EMPOWERED  & MOTIVATED with Sunny’s life coaching guidance and healing support.

Wanting to change your lifeSTYLE? Sunny offers tailor-made sessions to your UNIQUE needs.

Fun GROUP events also available.

Refresh your wardrobe & revive your sense of wellbeing. For more information or to book an appointment, call Sunny on 021 227 8669.

“Sunny is one of a kind, a real change-maker, not just for your wardrobe but for your life!”

“I’m loving all of the colour inspiration – it’s re-invigorated me to be conscious about wearing what makes me feel good, bringing me joy and expression of fun!”

“I felt a million dollars. Sunny’s the person to help you have a whole new energy about yourself.”

Upcoming Events…

Dynamic Transformational Workshop
Friday 24th July 7pm at Walk in Wardrobe

“Thanks to Sunny Sky and her intuitive radiance, I surrender my blacks!  Sunny is the most ‘colour vibed’ woman I know. She will support, empower, and motivate you to authentically express the natural you and embody your brilliance! The art of wearing colour is transformational! ”

Commercial Styling – Look stunning for that special occasion – Dressmaking & Image Consultancy.