Sunny Sky, by name and by nature
~ always looking at the bright side of life!

Helping you to feel more VIBRANT! To live a more compassionate life with purpose, and to feel more consciously connected to self and others. As an Emotional and Physical Intuitive Coach, Sunny offers intuitive wellbeing consultancy aligning mind-body and soul connection.

Sunny’s aim is to support, empower,  motivate, and help guide you to feel healthier, happier, and living with more clarity and ease… releasing any old negative patterns, beliefs or past traumatic experiences on a conscious and subconscious level. Sunny’s approach is to address the cause and the symptoms by looking at the whole picture integrating natural healing practices.

The goal ~ transformational results!


Compassionate Communications Coach | Epic LifeCoachTM | Somatic Stress Release | Integrative Quantum MedicineTM Practitioner | Mindfulness Educator | Parent, Teen & Youth Wellbeing | Colour Therapy | Kinesiology | Energy Medicine | MyoFascial Release | Business Visionary

Helping you expand your wings and feel uplifted…

For the bigger picture ….

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 “I felt a million dollars after talking through some of life’s challenges. Sunny is extremely professional and knowledgeable and has an amazing way of giving advice, support, and direction. Everything from life coaching to that feel-good factor.” 
“Sunny was fantastic giving me a lot of insights into my physical and mental troubles. I left with lots of tools to move forward with. She is extremely professional and highly skilled.”